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“DPR Group has achieved results for that have far exceeded our initial expectations. We look forward to a long-term relationship with DPR Group as an integral part of our corporate growth goals.”

- Robert Salta, Principal


The following list shows a cross-section of some of our past and present business and technology clients, listed alphabetically.

To see a list of some of our clients grouped by Industry, please: click here.

  • Amana Tool 
    Amana Tool is a manufacturer of industrial-quality saw blades, router bits, shaping cutters, boring bits and other tools for use on wood, plastics and aluminum.
  • ARCA
    ARCA (formerly known as ArcaTech Systems) is a leading supplier of transaction automation solutions for the financial, retail and self-service industries.
  • Arkieva
    Arkieva (formerly known as “Supply Chain Consultants”) has developed advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software solutions to enable its clients to plan demand, manage inventories, optimize supply, and schedule production more profitably.
  • Avineon
    Avineon, is a successful provider of information technology, geospatial, and engineering support services for both government and commercial customers.
  • Barcoding
    Barcoding  is a national systems integrator, specializing in the development, deployment, and management of supply chain and mobility systems based on automated data capture and wireless technology.
  • Bottomline Technologies
    Bottomline Technologies provides collaborative payment, invoice and document automation solutions to corporations, financial institutions and banks around the world.
  • Carescout
    CareScout has been dedicated to helping Americans make intelligent, informed eldercare decisions since 1997.
  • Case Design/Remodeling
    Founded in 1961, Case Design/Remodeling provides full service residential remodeling with a focus on excellence.
  • Cetrom
    Cetrom is a leading provider of comprehensive, Cloud Computing solutions for global SMBs.
  • Chapman Cubine Adams + Hussey
    For more than 25 years, Chapman Cubine Adams + Hussey (CCAH) has been on the forefront of the ever-changing direct marketing industry with award-winning innovations in direct mail, telemarketing, online and mobile integration.
  • Chesapeake System Solutions
    Chesapeake System Solutions is an industry leader in providing integrated software solutions that simplify the complexities of financial and treasury management operations.
  • ClearOrbit
    ClearOrbit solutions improve supply chain speed, visibility and control by automating internal processes and integrating trading partners to enable manufacturers and distributors to smoothly orchestrate the movement of goods through the extended supply network. ClearOrbit was acquired by TAKE Solutions.
  • Compiere
    Founded in 1999, Compiere is the world’s leading provider of open source and cloud-based ERP business solutions. Acquired by Consona Corporation in 2010.
  • Cornet Technology
    Cornet Technology, Inc. is a leading communications equipment supplier to the defense industry in the United States and overseas.
  • Create!form International
    Create!form International a leading provider of electronic forms and document management solutions, was acquired by Bottomline Technologies.
  • Dataflux
    DataFlux enables business agility and IT efficiency by providing innovative data management technology and services that transform data into a strategic asset. DataFlux is a wholly owned subsidiary of SAAS.
  • Decision Support
    Founded in 1984, Decision Support provides data management, process management and reporting software products for its customers.
  • is a full-service provider of integrated direct marketing solutions, offering  multi-channel marketing, data analytics & strategy, mailing & email lists, fundraising & membership development,  creative development, list management, printing and mailing services.
  • DMR Consulting
    DMR Consulting was a leading global provider of consulting services and technology-based business solutions to the Fortune 1,000 as well as government and mid-sized organizations. DMR Consulting was acquired by Fujitsu Ltd.
  • DocPoint Solutions
    DocPoint Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified technology solution provider specializing in support of Microsoft SharePoint Solutions and its integrated suite of products.
  • DocSite
    DocSite is a leader in point-of-care decision support, quality performance management and health information exchange services to the healthcare market, offering modular, upgradeable, web-based tools that immediately improve the quality of care and save clinician time. DocSite was acquired by Covisint in 2010.
  • Dynamic Telecommunications
    Dynamic Telecommunications Inc. (DTI), a leader in software-defined radio technology used in the optimization and planning of wireless networks. The company was acquired by PCTEL.
  • Efficient Energy America
    Efficient Energy America (E2America), is a leading supplier of building optimization climate-control technology for restaurants, retail chains and commercial buildings.
  • Eqos
    Eqos is one of the leading providers of online sourcing solutions for retailers in all categories. Eqos was acquired by Trace One.
  • Elite International
    Founded in 1985, Elite Group Inc. is a world-leading logistics provider that specializes in offering a complete range of logistics services to the chemical, petrochemical and food industries.
  • Evolve Technologies
    Evolve Technologies is a consulting firm providing information technology (IT) and computer networking services to small business, faith-based and nonprofit communities in the DC Metro Area. Evolve was acquired by Network Depot.
  • Gigabit
    Gigabit is an iPhone application development company, specializes in solutions that drive direct, personalized digital communications between consumers and service providers in the healthcare, financial, print media and retail industries.
  • G-Log
    G-Log was a leading provider of global logistics and transportation software for Enterprises and Logistics Service Providers. The company’s solution provided a broad footprint in the transportation market including: optimization, order entry, Supply Chain Execution Management (SCEM), visibility, track and trace, freight payment, and historical analysis. G-Log was acquired by Oracle.
  • Hi-G-Tek
    Hi-G-Tek is a leading global provider of wireless monitoring and tracking solutions that deliver real time location, security, and condition information about cargo and assets, whether in transit or stationary.
  • Horizon Builders
    Horizon Builders, is the premier builder of architect-designed homes with projects in Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware and New Jersey. Our services include renovation, remodeling, historic preservation, new home construction and office interiors.
  • I-Many
    iMANY, the leading provider of contract performance solutions, helps organizations improve the way they manage complex commercial and government contracting and compliance strategies by aligning actionable information with revenue-based transactions. In early 2012, iMany rebranded itself as Revistas.
  • InfinityQS
    InfinityQS is the leading provider of SPC software and services to a broad array of companies, from multi-national giants to smaller, more specialized manufacturers.
  • Interactive Softworks
    Interactive Softworks improves the way organizations engage customers by synchronizing critical real-time data with back-end processes and driving individualized customer interactions across multiple communication channels (voice, Web, IVR, chat and social media). The company was acquired in 2011 by USAN.
    As the largest multi-carrier e-commerce platform for the ocean shipping industry, INTTRA enables shippers, freight forwarders, third-party logistics providers, brokers and importers to electronically plan, process and manage their shipments fast and efficiently.
  • iVEDiX 
    iVEDiX is an emerging leader in business intelligence (BI) solutions and services that are empowering organizations to transform data into valuable, revenue-generating assets.
  • Management Dynamics
    Management Dynamics is a leading provider of global trade management solutions. In 2011,  Management Dynamics changed its name to Amber Road.
  • ManTech
    ManTech is a leading provider of innovative technologies and solutions for mission-critical national security programs for the intelligence community; the departments of Defense, State, Homeland Security, Energy and Justice, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation; the space community; and other U.S. federal government customers.
  • Merkle
    Merkle is the nation’s largest and fastest growing customer relationship marketing agency. By combining a complete range of marketing, technical, analytical and creative disciplines, Merkle works with clients to design, execute and evaluate Integrated Customer Marketing programs.
  • NDX Group
    NDX is an overnight shipping and records management solutions provider offering two services, Next Day Xpress and NDX Archives. NDX Group is a one stop shop for innovative, cost-effective shipping and document management solutions for a wide range of businesses.
  • Oil Purification Systems
    Oil Purification Systems, Inc. manufactures a family of fluid cleaning products, including the Eco-Pur System, the first and only supplemental filtration system that uses electronic controls to continuously optimize the cleaning process and remove both solid and liquid contaminants from lubricating oil.
  • Oncology Partners
    Oncology Partners is an innovative firm that specializes in helping oncology practices achieve greater efficiencies and profits in their billing and practice management.
  • OneVision
    With headquarters in Germany, OneVision is a global provider of innovative and cost-effective software solutions designed to secure, optimize, and simplify complex production workflows for the printing, publishing and media industries.
  • OriginLab
    Founded in 1992, OriginLab develops data analysis and graphing software for users in corporations, government agencies, colleges and universities worldwide. Its flagship products, Origin and OriginPro, provide a comprehensive solution for scientists and engineers at any technical level to analyze, graph, and professionally present data.
    PCTEL is a global leader in propagation and optimization solutions for the wireless industry. The company designs and develops software-based radios for wireless network optimization and develops and distributes innovative antenna solutions.
  • Protech Associates
    Protech Associates, Inc. is the world’s first and leading provider of cloud-based association management software (AMS) powered by Microsoft Dynamics® CRM.
  • Proxy Aviation
    Proxy Aviation Systems is a pioneer in optionally piloted aircraft and multi-aircraft cooperative flight control systems. Proxy’s solutions can be adapted to a wide range of existing piloted aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platforms and allow a single ‘mission commander’ to manage multiple aircraft simultaneously.
  • Quality Associates
    Quality Associates, Inc. (QAI) provides services and solutions in Quality Assurance & Scientific Support, Information Systems, and Archiving. The company’s Information Systems Division specializes in the conversion of documents and other media to electronic formats.
  • QuestaWeb
    QuestaWeb is a premier provider of integrated, Web-based global trade management software solutions. The firm business model unifies import, export, logistics, compliance and financial processes including U.S. Customs clearance foreign trade zone, landed costs, Harmonized Tariff Schedule classifications, export licensing. denied party screening. product catalog, event management international document repository.
  • Questcon
    Questcon assures the value of software through highly effective software quality and testing practices. The company, headquartered in Greensboro, NC has been focused on researching, developing and delivering innovative quality solutions for its clients since 1991.
  • Reeves EMS
    In use by emergency responders for more than a century, the Reeves EMS brand includes a full line of emergency medical products and accessories, including fully-operational rapidly deployable emergency treatment facilities; interoperable command and control shelters and trailers; decontamination shelters, suits and accessories; patient movement equipment; stretchers and gear bags.
  • RWD Technologies
    RWD Technologies is a company that provides software, systems integration, and outsourced services to improve training and organizational performance across the enterprise.
  • Shenandoah Telecommunications Company
    Shenandoah Telecommunications is a holding company whose operating subsidiaries provide local and long distance telephone, Internet and data  services, cable television, wireless voice and data services, alarm monitoring,  and telecommunications equipment, along with many other associated solutions in  the Mid-Atlantic United States.
  • Singleton Electric Company
    For more than 50 years, Singleton Electric Company has been the Washington D.C. Metro area’s electrical contractor of choice. A third-generation family-owned business, Singleton’s experienced team offers a broad range of electrical solutions for specialized, large-scale commercial and industrial projects that include government, water treatment, and historic buildings.
  • SRA International
    SRA International is a leading provider of technology and strategic consulting services and solutions to government organizations. Founded in 1978, the company has expertise in such areas as cyber security; disaster response planning; enterprise resource planning; environmental strategies; energy systems and sustainability; IT systems, infrastructure and managed services; learning technologies; logistics; public health preparedness; public safety; strategic management consulting; and systems engineering.
  • Terra Technology
    Terra Technology’s solutions use better mathematics and downstream data like point of sale to improve supply chain performance, reducing forecast error up to 50 percent and inventory up to 20 percent. More accurate forecasts save money, lower inventory, improve customer service and decrease waste.
  • U-TECK
    U-TECK has been manufacturing products for over 25 years, first to the telecommunications, power and CATV markets, and then expanding our reach with our unique, 100% recycled WeedEnder® Vegetation Control Matting to state departments of transportation and municipalities.
  • Vistaar
    Vistaar is a leading provider of price management solutions. Vistaar’s pricing software enables companies to achieve pricing best practices through price analytics, price optimization, price list management and deal management. Vistaar is working with global companies including AMD, Beam Global, Cisco, Pernod Ricard and GE to transform pricing operations into a strategic advantage.
  • Vormittag Associates
    VAI is an award-winning software developer and an IBM Premier Business Partner. Designed for the mid-range market, S2K Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Suite is used by a wide variety of mid-sized companies worldwide, with a number of clients in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, food and related service industries.
  • XyEnterprise
    XyEnterprise helps simplify and expedite the automated creation and delivery of XML-based content across the enterprise. XyEnterprise’s content management and delivery solutions have been implemented by companies in publishing, financial services, government, manufacturing, high tech and aerospace/defense. XyEnterprise was acquired by SDL.