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The key factor for Cimcorp when choosing a PR firm was finding representation that could create well-written, persuasive content and elevate brand recognition for the company in our industry. DPR exceeds our expectations and helps us beyond content creation. They have become a reliable resource for many of our global marketing initiatives.

- Lori Vaughan, Marketing Communications Manager, North America


The DPR Group team offers a full-range of professional public relations, marketing and communications services to meet the needs of your organization. Larger companies with established marketing communications departments typically rely on DPR Group for specialized services, where we can add substantial value.  Smaller companies tend to use a greater range of our services.  Whatever your need, large or small, DPR Group will work as a seamless extension of your staff to help achieve your PR and marketing goals.

DPR Group offers the following services:

If you seek a specialized service not listed above, DPR Group can usually address that need by working in collaboration with a specialized expert from our industry partner network.

How can DPR Group help your company?
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Award Nominations

Awards recognize a job well done. Beyond creating a sense of accomplishment within your employees, awards signal excellence to those outside your company. DPR Group can identify local, national and international awards that match your firm’s strengths. We can complete and submit persuasive award nominations on your behalf or provide the compiled list to your marketing staff for action.Back to top.


To blog, or not to blog, is no longer a question. A blog is critical to corporate growth, giving your staff experts a forum for conveying insights, expertise and perspectives on company capabilities, industry trends and best practices. Even more important, a blog provides a window on your company culture. DPR Group will work with your team to offer strategies, topics and content. If you prefer, we will polish company-provided content for posting.Back to top.

Bylined Articles

Bylined articles are an excellent way to promote your executives as industry thought leaders. DPR Group has an outstanding record of success when it comes to placing our clients’ bylined articles in major publications (both print and online). Based on a short interview with your executive, we will develop an article abstract and “pitch” this idea to a select group of editors. Upon abstract acceptance, the focus will shift to content development. At your option, your company executive can pen the piece or DPR Group can research and write the article from the perspective of that executive.Back to top.

Content Development

Content is “king,” and companies must generate new, high-quality material for websites, blogs, marketing materials and social media campaigns, not to mention hard-hitting press releases, case studies, white papers, newsletters and more. DPR Group employs a staff of talented professional writers with specialized expertise in business and technology. We can collaborate with your staff and create high-quality content under tight deadlines.Back to top.

Customer Case Studies

Customer case studies and testimonials serve as strong, third-party references to potential customers exploring your website. However, getting companies who love your products and services to talk about them publicly can be a challenge. DPR Group is an expert in identifying opportunities for customer success stories and making them a reality. Our portfolio includes businesses of every size, from lesser known specialty firms to government agencies to large public companies. Our goal is to develop a success story that will be a win-win situation for your company as well as your customers and your partners.Back to top.

Crisis Communications

Companies that proactively prepare for a crisis and can execute a strategic public relations offense are much more likely to withstand catastrophic events. DPR Group possesses experience in developing strategic communications strategies for companies facing a crisis and preparing its executives for hard-hitting media interviews. We also provide counsel on outreach efforts directed at employees, customers, partners and shareholders during these difficult times.Back to top.

Digital Media Support

DPR Group works with a variety of partners that specialize in video production, web streaming and other digital technologies. Depending on the specific project, we will help develop the story board and script, while our partners shoot and edit the video.Back to top.

Industry Analyst Relations

Establishing and maintaining relationships with industry analysts can result in positive coverage in influential analyst reports, new business referrals and third-party opinions validating your products and services. DPR Group offers connections to many industry analysts and expertise in ways to increase their awareness of your company’s products and services. We will not only help develop clear messaging, but also hone your staff’s presentation skills via trial runs where we provide wide-ranging objective feedback.Back to top.

International Market Launches

Throughout the years, DPR Group has helped a number of European companies establish their brand in the U.S. marketplace. We have the experience and know-how to help international companies build a strong presence for their products and services in their target marketplace, whether exclusively in the United States or in combination with efforts in other nations. DPR Group partners with public relations firms around the globe to offer such service. We also will work collaboratively with your PR firm.Back to top.

Market Research

Comprehensive market research offers companies the information necessary to make critical decisions that yield competitive advantage. DPR Group regularly conducts perception surveys, customer audits, focus groups, product messaging comparisons, public opinion surveys and various other forms of market research on behalf of clients. Back to top.

Media Monitoring & Reporting

As part of our wide-ranging PR services, DPR Group tracks client appearances in print, online and broadcast media. We use a variety of clipping services and other tools to find media placements and deliver them to you in daily or weekly reports.Back to top.

Media Relations

Our media relations efforts seek to develop and maintain our connections with writers, editors and reporters covering business and technology in our industry practice areas. Our goal is to leverage our relationships to build heightened awareness of your company and its products and services. DPR Group’s solid working relationships give us an edge in securing positive publicity for our clients, since we know the specific interests and contact preferences of these professionals. We continually update our media lists to assure they reflect all the experts writing within the industry verticals that matter to our clients. Back to top.

Media Training

There is nothing more important than representing your company effectively by conveying key messages in clear, accurate and succinct terms. DPR Group will coach your executives for interviews with trade and business publications, as well as with local and national print and broadcast media. We will focus on every detail related to content, expression, body language and appearance.Back to top.

Press Releases

Visibility relies on a steady flow of new information about your company and its products. DPR Group will work with your firm to identify the best opportunities for press releases both in terms of content and timing. We will develop compelling copy that not only gets noticed but also includes keywords and messaging that reinforce your overall marketing, product and web strategies. We know distribution choices affect the degree of coverage, so we recommend the channels that will maximize reach, whether you seek national distribution in English only, or international distribution in German, French, Chinese or other languages.Back to top.

Product Launches

Strategic product positioning and promotion are essential prerequisites to new product, service or solution launches. They create the “buzz” that can spell the difference between success and failure. DPR Group will define and develop the key messages that will help differentiate your new offering in the marketplace. We will develop a pre-launch timeline that specifies key deliverables – for your company and ours – in the weeks or months leading up to the launch. Back to top.

Speaking Proposals

Serving as a speaker or panelist at industry conferences and trade shows is one way to establish your company’s executives as innovators and thought leaders. DPR Group knows how to secure spots for your key executives. With your company’s strategic focus in mind, we will develop a list of potential speaking engagements and draft winning proposals for your executives to speak alone co-present with one of your customers. As needed, we will work with your presenter to develop and fine-tune a presentation that both informs and entertains.Back to top.

Social Media Strategies & Campaigns

Social media provide businesses and their executives an effective avenue for communicating with their customers, prospects and staff. Likewise, social media offer an immediate channel for distributing news and information that showcase your company and its unique culture. DPR Group stays current with the latest social media trends and techniques so that we can offer you optimal strategic counsel on social media platforms and campaigns. We can provide comprehensive recommendations to your in-house social media staff or manage ongoing social media campaigns on your behalf.Back to top.

Strategic Messaging & Positioning

In today’s marketplace, it is not enough to have a great product or service. You must be able to explain what your product or service does in a clear, concise manner. Plus, you must do it in a way that makes potential customers want to learn more. DPR Group can help you “cut through the clutter” and identify, position and deliver your critical messages in a way that resonates with your target audiences.Back to top.

Trade Show & Event Support

DPR Group offers a range of support services to help maximize your investment of time and resources at industry trade shows. By advance scheduling of in-person briefings with editors or analysts, we give you the opportunity to build relationships with industry experts who can have a positive impact on your company’s success for many years. In addition, we help generate positive publicity before, during and after the show by promoting special events, issuing press releases, arranging photo shoots, posting on social media and more.Back to top.

Website Development & Optimization

DPR Group offers clients a wealth of experience in website design consultation and content development. We partner with a variety of world-class firms for graphics and design, allowing our team to focus on high-impact content that effectively communicates your key corporate messages. Optionally, we can work with your in-house designer, or the web design firm or SEO specialist of your choice. Working as part of a team, our goal is to achieve a professional looking, optimized website that conveys your messages to target audiences, partners and key influencers.Back to top.