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DPR Group at a Glance

In 1998, Dan Demaree founded DPR Group with one mission: to provide top-level public relations, marketing, and strategic communications services to B2B technology companies. He began with a strong focus on enterprise software and supply chain, representing companies in these industries throughout the Boston area. 

Within a few years, Dan decided to get back to his Maryland roots. He moved DPR Group to Frederick, Maryland, and continued to grow the company from its headquarters in the high-tech corridor of Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.  

Over the years, DPR Group expanded its industry expertise to include seven key practice areas. Today, Dan leads an experienced team of PR professionals and content writers with a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ industries and business needs. We deliver a potent combination of media relations, content development, and communications strategies to help clients achieve breakthrough brand awareness in their target marketplace.

DPR Group typically works with small to medium-sized technology companies, where the founders are working toward a profitable exit within 5 to 10 years. To date, we’ve helped more than 50 companies position themselves for a profitable merger or buyout.  

While most of our clients are based in United States and Canada, we have built a solid reputation for helping international companies establish a strong foothold in North America. We are currently helping technology companies from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia build stronger brand awareness and engage their target audiences in the North American marketplace.

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It’s hard to imagine any other PR agency doing a better job than DPR Group. The DPR Group staff has the background and deep industry connections to be able to showcase FactoryEye as a premier provider of smart manufacturing solutions to our audience of mid-sized manufacturers. They are highly effective at what they do.

Jonathan Kaplan, COO
FactoryEye North America, a division of Magic Software

The DPR Group team has worked seamlessly with TradeBeyond executives and our senior copywriter to reach and exceed the goals we set for this past year. We view their efforts as a key factor to showcasing TradeBeyond as the undisputed leader in global sourcing and supply chain SaaS solutions for global brands.

Lilian Bories, CMO

DPR Group has done an excellent job of showcasing Blue Whale EV as an end-to-end provider for consulting, installation, and maintenance of a full range of cost-effective EV charging stations for today’s electric vehicles in hotels, malls, parking garages, and municipal locations. I highly recommend DPR Group to help promote your technology solution.

Rich McNulty, CEO
Blue Whale EV

The DPR Group team did an outstanding job building greater brand recognition for Greasezilla℠ across a range of potential customers and partners.

Brian Levine, EVP
Downey Ridge Environmental Company
Kristiner Taylor

Cimcorp utilizes DPR Group for its ability to create well-written, persuasive content that elevates our brand recognition. DPR helps us beyond content creation — They have become a reliable resource for many of our global marketing initiatives and continue to help drive our brand to reach new heights.

Kristiner Taylor, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Cimcorp Automation Ltd.

Abatement Technologies is growing faster than ever, and, with this growth, we are focused on building brand awareness and educating experts on the solutions that are readily available to them. By leveraging DPR Group to secure high-level media placements, we’re able to better educate the public about the importance of indoor air quality and how to better protect themselves and others.

Lori Vaughan, Marketing Manager
Abatement Technologies

At Linortek, we specialize in designing and manufacturing controllers for the Internet of Things, a market involving connecting all types of equipment and devices to the Internet. We made the decision to partner with DPR Group because of the company’s proven track record of securing greater market visibility in the high-tech and manufacturing arenas. In addition, the DPR Group team is flexible enough to adapt their ongoing strategies and programs to help us meet our evolving needs and goals.

Liyu Nalven, President & Founder

DPR Group has achieved results for DirectMail.com that have far exceeded our initial expectations. We look forward to a long-term relationship with DPR Group as an integral part of our corporate growth goals.

Robert Salta, CEO

DPR Group has been a trusted business partner providing expert public relations and marketing advice. DPR Group has secured tremendous positive media coverage for our firm, bringing visibility to our software and assisting our sales.

Felix Pekar, COO
QuestaWeb, Inc.

DPR Group is a trusted adviser to both Quality Associates, Inc. and DocPoint Solutions. DPR’s wide range of PR services ensures that our most important news is what our industry views first.

Scott Swidersky, Vice President of Enterprise Content Management
Quality Associates, Inc.