Can Blockchain Fortify the Organic Food Supply Chain?

Omnichain in the News: CEO Pratik Soni’s article in Food Quality & Safety explores how farmers, manufacturers and retailers can use blockchain to gain complete farm-to-fork traceability and strengthen the organic food supply chain. As they browse the aisles of their local grocery stores, today’s conscious shoppers aim to make healthier and more eco-friendly purchases....

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The 10 Most Innovative Logistics Companies of 2020

Omnichain in the News: Omnichain is recognized as a global logistics pioneer on Fast Company‘s list of the 10 most innovative logistics companies of 2020. As companies’ supply chains and customer bases grow increasingly global, some of the best logistical solutions are being pioneered by nontraditional players. Here are the companies leveraging logistics to transform industries....

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New Technology Improves Traceability Solutions in Food Manufacturing

Omnichain in the News: Omnichain CEO, Pratik Soni, is featured in Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery discussing Blockchain-as-a-Service traceability solutions for the food supply chain. Traceability is essential in the snack and baking industry. Ingredients always need to be tracked, and this is especially important in the case of a recall. These days, implementing a comprehensive...

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Customized storage solutions to tackle SKU proliferation in beverage

Westfalia in the News: Westfalia President, Dan Labell, highlights the AS/RS and Warehouse Execution System (WES), Savanna.NET in Beverage Industry Magazine Eager to optimize processes before operations suffer, manufacturers adopt cutting-edge solutions, which are growing sleeker, savvier and smarter. Saloni Walimbe, research content developer at Global Market Insights (GMI), Selbyville, Del., reports that automated storage and retrieval...

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Multichannel Merchant

4 Strategies for Accelerating Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

Cimcorp in the News: Derek Rickard, Distribution Systems Sales Manager, ‎Cimcorp Automation Ltd. shares his four strategies on how to speed up warehouse order fulfillment. In 2005, Amazon debuted its Prime membership program to the world, offering free two-day shipping and an inexpensive one-day, overnight option for members. Since then, Amazon Prime has set new...

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Greasezilla Takes On the FOG Monster

Greasezilla in the News: Greasezilla Founder and President, Ron Crosier, shares his insights on FOG handling in Modern Pumping Today. MPT: Could you explain the focus of Greasezilla and how it has set itself apart in handling the growing need for fat, oil, and grease treatment in municipal markets? Ron Crosier: Greasezilla started in the...

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DPR Group Promotes Greasezilla as a Transformative Product in the Clean Technology Sector

Greasezilla is the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly system for separating fats, oils & grease (FOG) from commercial restaurants & regulated industries Frederick, Md.— January 28, 2020—DPR Group, Inc., a full-service public relations and marketing agency serving a broad range of high-tech companies, announced that it is overseeing the public relations (PR) and marketing strategies for...

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What People Are Saying

DPR Group’s PR campaigns have helped us increase the visibility of U-TECK’s products for the utility, telecom and construction industries, especially our WeedEnder® vegetation control mattings. Since working with DPR, we have noticed 30% and 50% increases in traffic to our U-TECK and WeedEnder websites, respectively.

Nan Jackson

At this point in time, Hermes has a well-established brand throughout Europe, but the company does not have the same level of name recognition in North America. So we decided to partner with DPR Group to let U.S. retailers know about the full range of e-commerce services Hermes offers for e-businesses and international expansion. DPR Group did a fantastic job for Hermes at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE), promoting attendance at our sessions and scheduling media interviews before and after. We’ve never had as much press coverage at any U.S. event before. I highly recommend DPR Group to foreign companies seeking to launch their products and services in U.S. markets.

Uwe Bald

Since 2007, DPR Group has been a trusted business partner providing expert public relations and marketing advice. DPR Group has secured tremendous positive media coverage for our firm, bringing visibility to our software and assisting our sales.

Felix Pekar

DPR Group is a trusted adviser to both Quality Associates, Inc. and DocPoint Solutions. DPR’s wide range of PR services ensures that our most important news is what our industry views first.

Scott Swidersky
Quality Associates, Inc.

DPR has been an asset to Barcoding’s marketing department since 2010. Through their expert writing, advice, and connections, we’ve secured local and national media coverage, leveraged the power of search engine optimization (SEO) with a strategy of inbound content marketing, and strengthened our brand’s reputation as a leading systems integrator.

Jody Costa

DPR Group has achieved results for that have far exceeded our initial expectations. We look forward to a long-term relationship with DPR Group as an integral part of our corporate growth goals.

Robert Salta

The key factor for Cimcorp when choosing a PR firm was finding representation that could create well-written, persuasive content and elevate brand recognition for the company in our industry. DPR exceeds our expectations and helps us beyond content creation. They have become a reliable resource for many of our global marketing initiatives.

Lori Vaughan, Marketing Communications Manager
Cimcorp North America

At Linortek, we specialize in designing and manufacturing controllers for the Internet of Things, a market involving connecting all type of equipment and devices to the Internet. We made the decision to partner with DPR Group because of the company’s proven track record of securing greater market visibility in the high-tech and manufacturing arenas. In addition, the DPR Group team is flexible enough to adapt their ongoing strategies and programs to help us meet our evolving needs and goals.

Liyu Nalven, Vice President

In less than six months, DPR Group has helped Protech develop and launch a new website and successfully introduce Protech Cloud Business Solutions to the market. We truly value the expertise and services that the DPR Group team brings to the table and look forward to a long, successful relationship together.

Brian Bruffey

DPR Group’s extensive knowledge and experience in PR and marketing have elevated the Cetrom brand, increased awareness of our services across the industry, and secured numerous award wins and media placements. We value the partnership that has developed and DPR’s contribution to our overall success.

Christopher Stark, President and CEO
Cetrom Information Technology, Inc.

DPR Group really understands our industry and the unique role InfinityQS plays in it. They provide both strategic guidance and tactical execution to deliver coverage in key trade publications and exposure with industry analysts and third-party influencers. The team is flexible and always willing to roll up their sleeves to assist us in a wide range of marketing activities beyond our traditional public relations initiatives. DPR Group is more than a vendor. They are a true, trusted and valued partner.

Greg Matranga

DPR Group has provided valuable public relations insight and helped us increase our marketplace visibility on a local and national level. Our partnership has enabled us to focus on growing our client base, while expanding our messaging and showcasing our unique services.

Kim Cubine