DPR Group Promotes Greasezilla in the Clean Technology Sector


DPR Group Promotes Greasezilla in the CleanTechnology Sector
Greasezilla’s℠ patented separation technology solves FOG treatment and disposal challenges worldwide.

Downey Ridge Environmental Company (DRE) was founded in 2010 to create a fats, oils and grease (FOG) Separation solution for the owners’ hauling and sanitation company that would simplify the disposal of FOG. Named Greasezilla℠, the patented and eco-friendly system processes and repurposes the grease trap waste stream into a brown grease advanced biofuel commodity for reuse as a feedstock in renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel, biodiesel and marine fuels.

Although DRE created Greasezilla℠ out of necessity, the company sold a few additional Greasezilla systems at the request of other haulers.

By 2018 it became apparent that effective disposal of FOG was a major issue for the entire FOG industry, and Greasezilla℠ could immediately fill the need. DRE wanted to increase brand awareness of Greasezilla℠ among a target audience of grease trap waste haulers and wastewater treatment facilities that accepted FOG waste.

The challenge

Greasezilla℠ installations were operating successfully in several locations across the U.S. However, low brand awareness combined with an industry reluctance to adopt new technologies hindered DRE’s ability to deploy their systems in larger quantities. The company started to attend trade shows and look for opportunities within industry associations. DRE also decided to seek advice from an agency that specializes in PR and marketing.

The solution

In 2019, DRE enlisted the help of DPR Group to bring Greasezilla℠ to a wider market and broaden brand awareness. DPR’s original goals were to:

  • Build increased brand awareness for Greasezilla℠ as the most efficient, cost-effective system to process FOG collected from restaurants and other commercial food service facilities.
  • Raise awareness about Greasezilla’s℠ patented FOG separation process to the target audience of wastewater treatment sites and commercial haulers in the USA and beyond.
  • Generate a steady stream of positive news about Greasezilla℠ to trade and vertical publications throughout the USA, Canada and beyond.
  • Position Greasezilla℠ executives as forward-thinking thought leaders in the field of FOG waste treatment.

In addition, our goal was to support Greasezilla℠ at various industry trade shows and events.


During the two-year collaboration, DPR Group staff secured more than 75 media placements in a variety of high-profile industry publications such as:

  • American Liquid Waste
  • Advanced Biofuels USA
  • Biodiesel Magazine
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Energy News Today
  • Environmental Science & Engineering
  • Filtration & Separation
  • Food Engineering
  • Fuels Market News
  • Industry Today
  • Modern Equipment Manufacturer
  • Modern Pumping Today
  • Modern Restaurant Management
  • Water & Wastes Digest
  • Waste Advantage Magazine
  • World Water: Stormwater Management
  • Water Journal
  • Water World: Storm Water Management
  • Water & Wastes Digest
  • Western Food Processor

In addition, the DPR Group team helped:

  • Draft and secure coverage for bylined articles by DRE executives
  • Support awareness of Greasezilla℠ for WEFTEC and other trade shows
  • Script and provide the voiceover for a product video
  • Nominate the company for high-profile industry awards
  • Create blogs and other content for DRE website

Performance Review

Brian Levine, EVP, Downey Ridge Environmental Company, said, “The DPR Group team did an outstanding job building greater brand recognition for Greasezilla℠ across a range of potential customers and partners.”