4 Strategies for Accelerating Ecommerce Order Fulfillment

Cimcorp in the News:

Derek Rickard, Distribution Systems Sales Manager, ‎Cimcorp Automation Ltd. shares his four strategies on how to speed up warehouse order fulfillment.

In 2005, Amazon debuted its Prime membership program to the world, offering free two-day shipping and an inexpensive one-day, overnight option for members. Since then, Amazon Prime has set new standards for ecommerce order fulfillment time. In fact, 63% of U.S. shoppers in a 2019 survey reported that they now expect orders to be delivered within three days.

However, keeping up with these new expectations has proved to be a challenge for many retailers, both when shipping to stores and direct to Multichannel Merchantconsumer (DTC). In MHI’s most recent Industry Report, meeting consumer demand for speed was cited as one of the three toughest challenges in the supply chain today. Among the report’s survey respondents, 54% noted it as extremely or very challenging.

With customer satisfaction and loyalty on the line, many companies are looking for ways to accelerate ecommerce order fulfillment and their logistics operations. If you find yourself in a similar struggle with “the need for speed,” here are four strategies that can help.

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