4 Tips to Prevent a Credentialing Crisis

MedTrainer in the News:

Physicians Practice features Ted Gottis, Senior VP, MedTrainer, as he shares expert tips on how to prevent a credentialing crisis. 

From small private practices to large health systems, healthcare organizations must navigate the constantly evolving requirements and regulations surrounding provider credentialing, payer enrollment and privileging. These functions are necessary to run a profitable practice and deliver quality patient care. However, credentialing can be a complex, tedious and time-consuming process, especially when handled manually.

For more than 30 years, Microsoft Excel has been the standard for credentialing. Document acquisitions, verifications and payer enrollment applications are completed by hand, all progress is tracked in a spreadsheet and re-credentialing deadlines are set as calendar alerts in Outlook.

While some continue to maintain a competent system using this old-school method, it can be a struggle for independent primary care practices with limited administrative resources. In my work with healthcare organizations across the country, I’ve encountered several common scenarios that can trigger a credentialing crisis and leave practices overwhelmed, including:

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