5 Benefits of Statistical Process Control Software for Food and Beverage Industry

InfinityQS in the news: Food Logistics features an article written by Steve Wise, vice president of statistical methods for InfinityQS International, Inc., that shares the benefits of industry-standard measuring and quality control software in the food and beverage industry. 

Quality is a top priority for manufacturers in every industry. After all, trustworthy products earn the loyalty of buyers and consumers alike. But, when defects lead to a recall, it costs companies big-time. They often lose millions of dollars in direct costs, and perhaps even more in the long run from damaged brand reputation. 

The stakes are particularly high in the food and beverage space, where quality issues also put consumers’ health at risk. As such, food and beverage manufacturers must adhere to strict regulatory safety requirements, performing routine quality and compliance checks throughout the production process.

But, with so much on the line—and so much legal complexity to navigate—it may come as a surprise that many facilities still rely on paper checklists and manual methods to collect and analyze their quality data.

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