Data, Diagnosis, Drugs, and Dedication

Clients in the News: In Osterholm and Olshaker’s book Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germs,1 readers are exposed to the ugly reality of what life could be like if antibiotics no longer can save us from common infections. The authors tell us, “Microbes move in the direction of resistance in order to survive. And that movement, increasingly, threatens our survival. … With each passing year, we lose a percentage of our antibiotic firepower. In a very real sense, we confront the possibility of revisiting the Dark Age where many infections we now consider routine could cause severe illness, when pneumonia or a stomach bug could be a death sentence.”

Steve Gallion, CEO, MedTrainer, offered a few more reasons why some medical facilities may be slow to implement an ASP. “The reluctance may be rooted in the limited availability of infectious-disease training, inadequate information technology resources, and the need to integrate more advanced clinical decision support.”

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