How ASCs can boost profits through physician credentialing: 3 Qs with Ted Gottis

MedTrainer in the News: Properly credentialing physicians can increase ASC profits, according to Ted Gottis, senior vice president at MedTrainer. Mr. Gottis works with ASCs to help staff manage the credentialing process and the verification of new physicians’ professional backgrounds when they join ASCs or hospitals.

Question: Why do so many ASCs tend to struggle with properly credentialing their physicians?

​Ted Gottis: The credentialing process is complex by its very nature. It is complex because there are many parts to the process, and for credentialing to be done correctly, it must be completed thoroughly and consistently for each provider in the ASC setting.

Credentialing is multifaceted and designed to protect patients, augment revenue cycle management and provide protection to an ASC in the event of litigation. An efficient and effective credentialing program maintains the proper focus on these three topical areas.

However, credentialing programs are frequently developed as a reactionary measure to mandatory ASC credentialing requirements. Doing the bare minimum will not provide the level of protection an ASC needs.

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