How Automation Enables Bakeries to Increase Efficiency and Profits

Westfalia Technologies, Inc. in the News: In today’s technology-centric world, it’s no surprise that a wide range of bakery products are being produced within fully automated processes. An increasing number of bakeries are turning toward warehouse automation to efficiently manage the short shelf life of fresh products, minimize labor costs and product damage, and maximize inventory accuracy and warehouse capacity. The implementation of automation allows bakeries to reduce overhead costs while increasing sales, since each item is on the store shelves well before its expiration date.

The implementation of warehouse automation allows bakeries to make better use of resources for more efficient throughput. An automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) coupled with a warehouse execution system (WES) allows bakeries to have an increased level of visibility for better planning, and to better control inventory by providing real-time data. This high level of insight can improve overall operational efficiency, and allows manufacturers to use data for future production and supply chain planning.

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