Organization in Quality Healthcare: How Less Paperwork Can Fuel Productivity

MedTrainer in the News: While e-mail and complex workflow management systems have redefined communications within the workplace, the communication process within broader networks can present gaping holes. Especially in the healthcare industry—where credentialing, onboarding, monitoring, OIG checks, etc., are a requirement for regulatory compliance—accurate, expedited communications are of utmost importance. Decreasing the amount of paperwork is not always feasible, but certain tools can simplify the document management processes to fuel overall productivity.

The Beauty of Centralization

For many medical practice managers, office administrators, and Human Resources representatives, the challenges of credentialing, onboarding and training employees, and maintaining safety procedures for the practice can be more than a full-time job. The tasks are time consuming and require several systems—either paper-based or virtual—that do not effectively integrate with one another. A patchwork process can lead to discrepancies among systems, making it difficult to quickly find accurate information. Worse yet, lack of centralization can make it nearly impossible to maintain requirements for compliance, resulting in less-than-favorable audit results. These deficiencies can lead to hefty fees or lawsuits for healthcare providers, distracting them from daily responsibilities and negatively affecting patient care.

Streamlined Detail Management

Credentialing management is one aspect that requires time-consuming attention to detail. Time often is spent on keeping track of looming expiration dates, credential status, and privileging rather than ensuring best practices and quality patient care. Tracking documentation, scheduling trainings, and maintaining accurate records for each staff member can result in lost or duplicate information and inconsistencies. The ability to assign trainings, certifications, and privileging to individuals or groups all within one system is the ultimate time-saver.

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