Smart Earpiece with Biometric Sensors Wants You to Ditch Your Fitness Bands

Clients in the News: Yes, there are a lot of wearable devices that can monitor your activities and health, but an earpiece called SensoTRACK claims to be able to do it all. By “all,” we mean it can measure respiration and heart rates, detect oxygen saturation in your body and provide an almost real-time blood pressure reading. It can also count your steps and the calories you burn, measure your speed and activity level during exercise, track your weight, BMI, blood sugar levels andyour emotional state. Its creators even claim that it’s more accurate than wrist gadgets, because it’s worn in your ear, and hence located near the temporal artery. As you’d expect, SensoTRACK connects to an Android or an iOS app, as well as to a desktop portal (via Bluetooth LE or microUSB), which list all your stats, workout history, goals and routes taken. But, in case you’re stuck somewhere without access to phones or computers, you can always save up to a week’s worth of data on its onboard storage. Read more: