Software Helps Processors Stay in Compliance With FSMA

Food EngineeringClients in the News: When it comes to food safety, there are lots of reasons for companies to be vigilant with their data, such as international regulations, the Food Safety Modernization Act, the expense of a recall and even social media, because if someone gets sick eating your product, the first place they will probably go to is Facebook, followed quickly by Twitter.

At least that’s how Doug Fair, COO, InfinityQS International, Inc., a provider of statistical process control software and services to manufacturers, sees it.
“As food and beverage supply chains become increasingly global, manufacturers are faced with greater challenges to maintain the quality and safety of their products,” he explains. “Consumers demand better products and will quickly opt for another brand or voice their grievances through social media if they’re not satisfied. Governments are increasing regulations to maintain traceability from farm to fork and boat to plate, especially when that path is international. And in the past five years, recalls have increased fourfold, averaging $10 million in total costs per recall.”
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