Solving the Labeling Challenge: How to Find the Right Solution for Your Business

Clients in the News: From supply and manufacturing to distribution and shipping, the label is an essential part of any successful supply chain. What might look like a simple series of laminations to the untrained eye actually represents a complex design process and a key component of business success. With a vast variety of material, environmental and industry-specific factors at play, no application is the same. This is why a standard “peel-and-stick” label may not always be the best fit for your unique business needs—and use of the wrong solution can often lead to wasted time, lost profits and unhappy customers.

When looking for a labeling solution, most businesses forget to consider the complexity of their needs and wind up taking the wrong first step. Many buyers capitalize on the ability to quickly and inexpensively purchase almost anything online today, and they turn first to the internet for labels, ribbons, printers and other consumables accessories. But what happens when that label won’t adhere to your product or falls off during shipping? When the ink fades in a hot environment and the label becomes unreadable? Or when your label doesn’t meet compliance standards?

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