Supply Chain Collaboration: Myth or Reality?

Clients in the News: Today’s supply chains are more complex than ever before. And, due to a lack of collaboration, the supply chain sector is realizing a negative impact resulting from the increased time it takes to make critical decisions. This is why supply chain collaboration (SCC) is such a vital topic when it comes to outpacing the competition. But, are the key concepts of collaboration a current reality or a myth?

While there is a strong willingness to share data between distributors and retailers, most do not share business planning processes. When partners do not have access to each other’s objectives and how they plan to achieve those objectives, it decreases the effectiveness of the collaboration and can foster distrust.

Many times that data is not in an environment or the organizations do not have tools that enable all parties to easily view the data.

This lack of accessibility to the information hinders collaboration. However, employing a cloud-based centralized data repository would provide users with a consolidated data view critical to a successful collaboration.

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