Top 3 Challenges in Modern Food Distribution

Food LogisticsCimcorp in the News: Distribution is one of the most critical points in the food supply chain. After all, the efficient and accurate movement of goods within a distribution center has a direct impact on the quality and safety of products on store shelves. However, there are a growing number of challenges in modern distribution, which can hinder product movement—particularly in facilities that still use manual handling.

With limited staff available to get orders out the door, warehouse operations often suffer amidst an expanding variety of SKUs, diminishing storage capacity and seasonal spikes in business. When handling fresh foods—such as fruits and vegetables—distribution centers have the added challenge of managing exceptionally short lead times in order to maximize freshness.

Today, automated solutions can help facilities overcome the modern challenges in food distribution, including the mentioned top three areas: SKU proliferation, seasonal peaks and food freshness.

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