Warehouse Management Software: Key to Traceability in the Global Marketplace

Westfalia Technologies, Inc. in the News: Traditional warehousing operations are typically managed using either a warehouse management system (WMS), a warehouse control system (WCS) or both. The WMS is used to manage the workflow of the operation, while the WCS is used to execute the workflow by controlling the automation. When tightly integrated, they make up a warehouse execution system (WES). However, the effective use of these systems often requires complex integrations. If the systems are not properly integrated, companies risk inventory inaccuracies, misrouted products and confusing workflows—which all have an impact on the order fulfillment process.

A WES helps manufacturers and distributors direct, control and optimize material flow and order picking through a single interface. Facilities of any size would benefit from a WES to manage their internal and external processes.

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