Client Videos


Fast Site Survey™

EMPEQ, a software development and financial technology company serving the commercial HVAC, energy engineering, and building equipment industries, announced the launch of FastSiteSurvey, a seamless equipment data capture application that is revolutionizing commercial and industrial building equipment audits and enabling energy efficiency professionals to complete more projects in a fraction of the time.

DPR Group secured a great deal of high-profile media coverage to support the launch and our video production partner, Chris Preperato, worked with EMPEQ to develop this explainer video.


Real Time Production Monitoring

FactoryEye, a division of Magic Software, decided to develop a series of YouTube videos entitled: “Better Call Tom.” These videos are designed to highlight a common production floor problem for mid-sized manufacturing facilities and then show how FactoryEye provides realistic, workable solutions to solve those problems.

DPR Group helped write the script for these short videos. Our video production partner, Chris Preperato, went on location to capture the content for these videos.


Global Trade Management for Importers & Exporters

Based in Clark, New Jersey, QuestaWeb is a leading provider of cloud-based customs and regulatory compliance solutions. QuestaWeb worked with DPR Group and our video production partner, Chris Preperato, to develop a series of videos to highlight their solutions. This video shows how the company’s Global Trade Management System proactively manages import and export processes for importers, exporters, FTZ, brokers and forwarders. In March 2021, QuestaWeb was acquired by Descartes Systems Group, Ontario, Canada.

TA Services, Inc.

Multi-modal Freight Brokerage

Headquartered in Mansfield, Texas with offices located in strategic markets throughout North America, TA Services, Inc., has been operating for more than 36 years and provides a wide range of third-party logistics services including managed transportation, warehousing and fulfillment, muti-modal freight brokerage and cross-border logistics. TA Services worked with our video production partner, Chris Preperato, to produce a series of videos that highlight their services. This video focuses on the company’s multi-modal freight brokerage.

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