Invent Analytics Selects DPR Group to Promote its AI-driven Inventory Optimization Platform for Global Retailers 

The firm’s PR & content marketing experts will support Invent Analytics’ mission to become the world leader in inventory optimization solutions

FREDERICK, Md. – January 31, 2024 – DPR Group, Inc., leading PR and content marketing agency that serves a wide range of high-tech clients throughout North America and Europe, has been selected by Invent Analytics, an award-winning global retail planning solutions provider, to serve as its public relations partner and support the company’s rapid growth trajectory. Through media relations, content development, and strategic PR efforts, DPR Group will drive awareness of Invent Analytics’ Omni-AI platform—a suite of AI-powered inventory optimization solutions that are helping global retailers rapidly transform inventory management, boost profitability, and succeed in the omni-channel world.  

Since 2013, Invent Analytics has been dedicated to helping retailers maximize profitability through data-driven demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and pricing. Now with an established base of major retail clients across Europe and North America, Invent Analytics is making big strides in its mission to transform the retail industry with its profit optimization platform. To support this mission, DPR Group will position Invent Analytics’ executives as industry thought leaders and secure positive press coverage that highlights Omni-AI as the new paradigm of inventory solutions. 

“Inventory is everything in retail. By positioning the right inventory, in the right location, at the right time, retailers can satisfy customers and drive profitability. However, traditional inventory management systems and forecasting alone are no longer fit for modern retailing. They’re based on human entered rules and guesswork at high levels—making it impossible for inventory planners to identify those unique SKU/store/time decisions. Invent Analytics is powering a smarter approach. Our platform leverages AI and probabilistic forecasting to give planners answers in real-time, so every single inventory and pricing decision drives optimal revenue and net margin,” said Tav Tepfer, Chief Revenue Officer, Invent Analytics. 

“With DPR Group’s experience in the retail, technology, and supply chain spaces, we’re looking forward to spreading awareness about the benefits of partnering with Invent Analytics and what large retailers can achieve by adopting our AI-powered, profit-optimized solutions.”

Tav Tepfer, Chief Revenue Officer, Invent Analytics

For more than 25 years, DPR Group has served as a trusted partner for B2B technology companies and organizations. Backed by deep industry knowledge and a unique blend of PR and content marketing expertise, DPR Group has helped countless organizations establish their executives as thought leaders and secure positive brand recognition in their target marketplaces. 

Dan Demaree, Founder & CEO, DPR Group, said, “DPR Group is always excited to promote innovative companies that offer new approaches to major industry challenges, and we’re proud to handle Invent Analytics’ public relations strategies across North America. On the leading edge of technology, Invent Analytics’ solutions have already enabled customers to achieve incredible results. We’re dedicated to implementing public relations campaigns that will drive awareness and bring the Omni-AI platform to more retailers across the globe.”

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About Invent Analytics

Invent Analytics is a global retail planning solutions provider that helps leading retailers accelerate their omni-aware demand forecasting, allocation, replenishment, and markdown capabilities using financial profit optimization model and AI-based advanced analytics. Invent Analytics has been named as a representative vendor in Gartner 2022 Market Guides, including Retail Forecasting, Allocation and Replenishment Solutions and Retail Unified Price, Promotion and Markdown Optimization Applications – Short Life Cycle.

About DPR Group, Inc.

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