Blue Whale EV enters the market with a splash


Blue Whale EV, an end-to-end electric vehicle (EV) charging consultant, helps clients from multifamily residences and office buildings to local governments and auto dealers implement EV charging. Soon after launching, it partnered with DPR Group to increase brand awareness and establish thought leadership.

The challenge

The EV charging market is booming, but there’s a major education gap. While many companies are interested in EV charging, they know little about the market and even less about the solutions. Therefore, those selling EV chargers, like Blue Whale EV, must simultaneously invest in market education and brand awareness.

As a startup, Blue Whale EV was unknown in its industry, and its executives came from diverse backgrounds, lacking any name recognition in the EV space. The Blue Whale EV team needed to educate the market on how to adopt EV charging, raise its brand awareness, and promote its executives as thought leaders. And it needed to do this quickly and on a budget.

The solution

Blue Whale EV’s Chief Revenue Officer, Scott Swidersky, had prior experience working with DPR Group. Having experienced the value that DPR Group brought in the past, when he began working on this new venture, he knew DPR Group had the skills and expertise necessary to put Blue Whale EV on the map.

Starting with brand awareness, DPR Group drafted and distributed Blue Whale EV’s first two press releases, both announcing major partnerships. DPR Group’s approach combined depth and breadth with strategic outreach to industry editors and going out over the wire.

But we didn’t stop at press releases. Wasting no effort, we used these press releases to secure bylined articles in multiple industry publications, as well as multiple feature articles. With these, we were able to offer industry education while promoting Rich McNulty, CEO of Blue Whale EV, as a thought leader in the EV charging industry.

The pinnacle of our thought leadership campaign was a cover story in Construction Executive. How did we do it? Since Blue Whale EV was new to the space, we knew thought leadership would be a challenge. However, the CEO had led in electrical contracting for decades, so we parlayed this experience into a pitch to a leading journalist, showing that Rich was uniquely positioned to speak to construction executives about the potential of EV charging. It was a smashing success.

To gain maximum value out of our thought leadership efforts, we repurposed the bylined articles as blogs for the Blue Whale EV website to help increase traffic through organic search while demonstrating Blue Whale EV’s broad range of expertise. These blogs then provided content for Blue Whale EV’s social media channels, such as LinkedIn.


In just a few months of project-based work, DPR Group secured over 32 earned media placements for Blue Whale EV. Factoring in wire placements, that number skyrockets. When DPR Group started with Blue Whale EV, it was only weeks old as a company, and it was unknown. Now, its capturing attention online by meeting its customers where they already are.

At a glance:

Performance Review

Rich McNulty, CEO, Blue Whale EV, said, “DPR Group has done an excellent job of showcasing Blue Whale EV as an end-to-end provider for consulting, installation, and maintenance of a full range of cost-effective EV charging stations for today’s electric vehicles in hotels, malls, parking garages, and municipal locations. I highly recommend DPR Group to help promote your technology solution.”