10 Companies Changing the Food and Beverage Space in 2019

Omnichain in the News:

Omnichain makes it to number three in this list of Top 10 companies changing the food and beverage industry.

It is an intriguing time to be in the food and beverage space. Now more than ever, consumers want to know where their food is coming from and how the supply chain has an impact on the environment. With e-commerce taking off and more consumers reaching toward healthier options, companies are scrambling to address everyone’s needs. Here are the ten companies that are currently changing the food and beverage space. 

10.) Hazel Technologies 

Hazel Technologies, an agricultural technology company that delivers new solutions to combat food waste, has recently received $13 million in Series B funding, bringing the company’s cumulative total raised to $17.8 million.  

Nearly 30 percent of all food that is harvested in the United States is thrown away – often it’s not consumed because of early spoilage. The company’s core technologies help prevent waste by releasing active, shelf-life enhancing vapor from packaging inserts called sachets. Growers place the sachets in boxes of bulk produce at the time of harvest, extending shelf-life of products up to three times by slowing aging in produce and preventing fungus or decay. 

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