3 ASC Accreditation Tips from Experts

MedTrainer in the News:

Senior Vice President, MedTrainer, Ted Gottis is quoted in ASC Review

Credentialing physicians is an essential part of the accreditation process. Properly credentialing physicians can increase ASC profits, according to Ted Gottis, senior vice president at MedTrainer. Mr. Gottis works with ASCs to help staff manage the credentialing process and the verification of new physicians’ professional backgrounds when they join ASCs or hospitals.

“Credentialing correctly and consistently from the outset can facilitate quality patient care through the admission of only qualified physicians to the ASC; enhance revenue cycle management by allowing the ASC to seek reimbursement without delays; and provide invaluable defense in litigation scenarios by providing demonstrative evidence of due diligence through a quality credentialing program,” Mr. Gottis said.


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