3 must-know ASC credentialing tips

MedTrainer in the News: Having a proper credentialing process helps surgery centers run more smoothly, according to Ted Gottis, senior vice president at MedTrainer. Mr. Gottis works with ASCs to help staff manage the credentialing process and the verification of new physicians’ professional backgrounds when they join ASCs or hospitals.

Three credentialing tips from Mr. Gottis:

  1. Use technology to alleviate administrative burden. Replace spreadsheets and email communication with automated software. Automated credentialing can rapidly fill out and customize payer enrollment forms and set real-time notification of events, deadlines and primary source verifications.
  2. Organize all documents in a centralized system. There are over 500 points of information that must be collected to complete the credentialing process. With everything in one electronic system, it is easier to track documents and spot if any are missing.
  3. Automate payer enrollment. There are over 5,000 payers in the country, and each has different requirements that change to varying degrees every year. Now there is software that allows for universal population of enrollment forms.

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