Automation Alleviates Labor Pain

Food LogisticsWestfalia Technologies, Inc. in the News: As evidenced over the last few years, consumer behaviors and e-commerce are driving significant change in warehouse operations. The need for two-day to same-day shipping throughout industry sectors, including food and beverage, are transforming how operators invest in their workforce and technology. The answer is greater integration of warehouse automation to meet order fulfillment objectives at higher accuracy rates, while using labor in a more strategic capacity to complement evolving technologies.

Food Logistics takes a look at how food and beverage is using various forms of warehouse automation to meet growing demand and fulfillment objectives. From increasing use of robotics, AS/RS, wearables and pick to light/voice, to autonomous vehicles, the focus is on less labor and more automation.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are a staple in best-in-class warehouses. Moreover, with a healthy economy coupled with aggressive order fulfillment demands, there is more reason to invest in this segment of warehouse automation. When real estate is sparse and your warehouse operations rely on dense, interim storage, an AS/RS is an ideal solution.

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