Drowning in Quality Data: How to Rise Above

InfinityQS in the News: Just a few decades ago, manufacturers were starved for information about their production processes and overall quality. Fast-forward to today and it is quite the opposite. Thanks to the advent of automation, handheld devices, and the Internet of Things (IoT), fully-automated data collection is now possible. It not only makes getting quality data easy, but also eliminates the chances of human error and frees up shop-floor operators to focus on more critical aspects of operations than data entry.

However, the outcome of all this automation and ease is organizations now have too much data on their hands. Because of automation, many want to gather as much data as they can. They want process data like temperatures, feeds and speeds, and product quality data like dimensional measurements and weights—every millisecond, around the clock. Manufacturers are, in effect, drowning in data.

The truth is, collecting data for the sake of having it does not lead to improved processes or product quality. The insight gleaned from the data is what actually benefits the business. And manufacturers do not need every measurement, every millisecond to get it. What they need to know is what data is important, how much to collect, and how to extract meaningful intelligence from it.

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