Early examples of blockchain successes

Omnichain Solutions in the News: Ruby’s Naturals is an early adopter of blockchain, and has found success with it as a whole.


Ruby’s Naturals, Inc. is a producer of specialty frozen food products, including organic frozen treat brand Ruby Rockets and coffeehouse-inspired, ice-cream bar brand Brewla. As part of a commitment to providing healthy, trustworthy treats for kids and families, the Ruby Rockets brand prides itself in using only organic fruits and vegetables, without added sweeteners or artificial food colorings.

Stephen Davis, president of Ruby’s Naturals, said, “For Ruby Rockets, it is important to have full transparency into the whole lifecycle of our products, including ingredients—from farm to finger.”

However, with its previous enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, looking at a product’s history involved a massive, complicated paper trail of spreadsheets, certificates of analysis, and other disparate systems. Davis added, “If someone wanted to know where a batch of strawberries came from, it would take considerable time and effort to provide an answer.”


When it came time to update its ERP system, Ruby Rockets decided to take a more innovative approach using blockchain. With interest growing in the food & beverage industry around blockchain for food safety and traceability reasons, Ruby Rockets recognized that the technology—which would provide a permanent, decentralized record of all product movements—could help streamline its paper trail and drive greater supply chain–wide transparency and efficiency. After conducting industry research, the frozen food brand selected the Omnichain platform, which uses distributed ledger technology to connect the supply chain from end to end.

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