eLearning for Compliance Management in the Healthcare Industry

Clients in the News: There is a wide variety of applications and benefits of eLearning. eLearning is a powerful tool for individuals, from earning a college degree or learning how to manage a chronic disease. For healthcare organizations that must meet compliance management goals, reduce cost, increase efficiency, and improve patient outcomes, the power of online, anytime learning enables organizations to prioritize training needs, while allowing individuals to manage their time and learning environment.

In the past, compliance management in the healthcare industry involved staff members manually managing paper-based training programs and records. This model requires a significant time investment to maintain employee compliance, keep track of annual training requirements, acknowledge key policies, and measure job-specific competency. This does not fit today’s economic model of healthcare. In fact, failure to provide and document employee compliance with annual compliance training requirements can lead to serious fines, and contribute to avoidable errors and incidents.

Healthcare organizations that want to have an organized and systematic approach to managing compliance requirements as well as enterprise knowledge should consider the use of a learning management system (LMS). An LMS provides significant advantages for organizations when assigning and tracking employee training, including topics ranging from fire safety to best practices for improving patient outcomes.

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