Freshness Matters: Why it’s Time to Automate Distribution

Cimcorp in the News: For food manufacturers and retailers, one of the most critical points in the supply chain is distribution, as the accuracy and efficiency of order fulfillment has a direct impact on the quality, freshness and safety of goods on store shelves. But within the distribution center itself, operational challenges can often hinder product flow, especially in facilities that rely on manual processes. Employees have to run up and down aisles, handpick items, lift heavy crates or boxes and prepare orders for shipment. Distribution becomes highly prone to human error and too slow to keep up in today’s high-demand market.

Instead, through automation, food manufacturers and retailers can take control of order fulfillment and manage their entire operation, from when goods enter the distribution center, through storage and all the way to dispatch. Automated warehouses are able to not only maximize product freshness, but also address modern challenges in dealing with greater consumer demand and seasonal spikes in business.

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