From Paper and Pencil to Industry 4.0: Revealing the Value of Data through Quality Intelligence

Quality Magazine

Clients in the News: Most quality departments are still doing things the old fashioned way: measure, collect, compare, respond, fix, and repeat. This reactive, legacy approach is, of course, vital for any successful company, but in this data-driven age of smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0, it’s not enough. Fortunately there is hope, as forward-leaning manufacturers have begun to re-imagine the role of quality. According to a joint report by ASQ and APQC, “a growing 36% of organizations consider quality a strategic asset and competitive differentiator.”

Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland, a process and performance principal research lead with APQC, noted in an IndustryWeek article that “mature organizations’ quality systems tend to focus on proactively creating value rather than simply being relegated to compliance or improvement activities. By doing so, the quality function becomes a strategic partner and can quantify the financial value of its efforts.”
It’s important to note that the study from ASQ and APQC also highlighted the direct correlation between the use of quality for profitability and the significant positive impact on financial gains. Conversely, when the function of quality and its related systems are used simply as tools for proactive continuous improvement efforts or compliance (as with one third of the respondents), the financial impact is not as significant.
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