Leveraging IoT Technology to Gain Supply Chain Visibility

Clients in the News: With ever-growing customer expectations of fast, accurate service, consumers increasingly want to know where products they have ordered online are, as well as what items are available at a particular store, at any given point in time. With the demand for this level of transparency, manufacturers and retailers need to gain more control and visibility in their supply chains to save costs, improve efficiency and keep their customers happy.

Advances in cloud and tracking technology, such as RAIN RFID, allow previously disconnected technology to connect to the internet, expanding the definition of the Internet of Things (IoT) and enabling manufacturers and retailers to benefit from the increased visibility gained by digitizing their supply chains.

But, how can companies leverage today’s technology in order to increase visibility and control over their supply chain? Where does digitizing and tracking products start? And, what benefits will companies see from digitizing their supply chain?

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