Managing Pharmaceutical Recalls with Automation

Clients in the News: To respond quickly to problems within the manufacturing process, it is essential to connect a warehouse execution system (WES) to external systems both upstream and downstream in the supply chain. This integration helps prevent contaminated products from ever leaving the facility, potentially saving lives in the process.

A WES is a warehousing software solution that combines a tightly integrated warehouse management system (WMS) and warehouse control system (WCS) into a single application to help manufacturers and distributors direct, control, and optimize internal material flow and order picking. This two-in-one solution performs the tasks of both systems through a single interface.

There are many reasons for recalls in the pharmaceutical industry, including packaging defects, contamination of a product, improper testing of a product, or inherent safety problems that could harm a patient or user. Other pharmaceutical recall causes are due to dangerous side effects, creation of a safer drug alternative, or improper use of the drug that causes serious injury or death.

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