Manufacturing quality reimagined: The hidden power of your data

Clients in the News: Manufacturers that only use quality data in a reactive manner at the local plant level are missing out on opportunities to generate large-scale, enterprisewide savings. For many manufacturers, quality management means using data to help them respond to on-site alarms after a process or machine fails or when quality checks indicate products are outside of specification limits. This data may include part or component measurements, process parameters, and traceability fields such as lot codes, shifts, and work orders. But, manufacturers that only use their data in a reactive manner at the local level are missing out on realizing the full power of their quality data. This data also has the potential to provide strategic insights that can be used to proactively prevent problems from occurring and quickly uncover opportunities to make significant enterprisewide improvements.

These improvements can be attained by aggregating data from all of an organization’s plants and suppliers to provide visibility into the performance of the entire organization, rather than just one plant or production line. When data is aggregated and delivered to the corporate level for analysis using statistical charts and visualizations, it can generate actionable insights that can be used to streamline global operations, improve overall product quality, and save companies millions of dollars.

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