Modernize dairy distribution

Dairy FoodsCimcorp in the News: Whether handling fresh milk or cheese, dairy distribution centers need to move products from receiving to dispatch with high speed and precision. These facilities require efficient, accurate order fulfillment to meet strict sell-by dates and to maximize the shelf life of goods for consumers. But for the many that rely on order pickers to manually fulfill orders, material flow often leaves much to be desired.

With manual distribution, staff have to pull products for orders, palletize, load and unload products and/or cases — for hours in cold environments. Fulfillment becomes dependent on the physical endurance of employees and is altogether too slow to meet the high demands of the food supply chain.

Today, automation offers a more modern solution. Equipped with the latest robotics and software, dairy distribution centers can optimize operations to address important aspects of the food business, including maximizing food freshness, improving the quality of work for employees and ensuring the safety of goods on the market.

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