Overcoming the Warehouse Labor Shortage with Automated Solutions

Clients in the News: Companies in nearly every industry today are experiencing growing labor shortages. Warehouses and distribution centers, in particular, are struggling to keep facilities adequately staffed as aging industry veterans retire and the younger workforce shows declining interest in labor-intensive, material handling careers. These shortages, compounded by increasing consumer demands and e-commerce requirements, leave many facilities unable to keep up.

By relying solely on manual storage and order fulfillment, warehouses get stretched too thin. They fall behind trying to balance a shrinking staff, while accurately fulfilling orders and accommodating growing inventory quantities. A year-round struggle, these challenges hit especially hard during the peak seasons, when demand dramatically spikes and orders pour in. Fortunately, automated technology is available now that can help manual facilities not only overcome staffing challenges, but also improve order fulfillment efficiency during busy periods and year round.

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