Clients in the News

DPR Group works hard to showcase our clients as rising stars in each of their respective fields. One of the ways that we achieve this is by getting bylined articles, feature articles and breaking news published about our clients in high-profile business, trade, technology and vertical publications. Here are some recent articles that we placed featuring our clients.

Time is Running Out for Fashion Retailers to Commit to Sustainable Sourcing

January 19, 2024

TradeBeyond in the News: Bylined article by Eric Linxwiler, Sr. Vice President of Retail Solutions for TradeBeyond, in Total Retail.
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Bridging the Gap: How Sales & Operations Execution (S&OE) Enhances Integrated Business Planning (IBP) to Manage Short-Term Uncertainties

December 22, 2023

QAD in the News: QAD's Director of Consumer Markets, Stephen Dombroski, byline article in Retail Technology Review. 
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Enhancing Warehouse Safety with Third-Party Logistics Partnerships 

December 11, 2023

TA Services in the News: Byline article by Lauren Mollencupp, Implementation Manager for TA Services, in Workplace Material Handling & Safety. 
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Cash flow is key, and FTZs can help

November 29, 2023

QAD in the News: Bylined article by Brent Dawkins, director of product marketing for QAD, in Supply Chain Quarterly.
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How 3PLs Ensure Fresh Produce Supply for Thanksgiving Feasts

November 23, 2023

TA Services in the News: Bylined article by Dani Etkin-Spigelman, chief revenue officer for TA Services, in Supply Chain 24/7.
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Strength in numbers: Mid-size manufacturers and cloud security

November 7, 2023

FactoryEye in the News: Bylined article by Kausik “KD” Dasgupta, Chief Technology Officer, in TechNative.
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Mercadona Calls in Cimcorp Automation to Help Move Fresh Produce from Field to Store Within 24 Hours

November 1, 2023

Cimcorp in the News: Mercadona and Cimcorp Automation case study, published on Robotics and Automation News. 
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Speeding Up Grocery Fulfillment with Adam Gurga of Cimcorp

October 16, 2023

Cimcorp in the News: National Sales Manager for North America, Adam Gurga, interviewed on The New Warehouse Podcast.
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