Preventing Recalls with a Warehouse Execution System

Clients in the News: According to a study by Consumer Reports, the Consumer Product Safety Commission conducted 295 recalls involving approximately 32 million units of goods in 2017 alone. Over the past five years, however, the CPSC has conducted 300 to 400 recalls annually.

How can recalls be avoided?  By connecting a warehouse execution system (WES) to external systems both upstream and downstream in the supply chain. This communication allows companies to respond to problems within the manufacturing process faster, often preventing contaminated or malfunctioning products from ever leaving the facility.

By providing a high-degree of product traceability, an integrated WES can help manufacturers discover and act upon issues that have caused the malfunction or contamination sooner. Earlier detection often allows manufacturers to better understand what product is to be recalled, thus possibly reducing the scope of the recall effort and targeting the affected inventory.

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