Reactive to Proactive: Blockchain for Inventory Planning, Replenishment

Multichannel MerchantClients in the News: When it comes to inventory planning and replenishment, companies and brands traditionally operate under a reactive model. Demand rises, so they increase production and output. Items run out of stock, so they send more goods to fulfillment centers. However, a reactive model also means they are always one step behind the curve.

Inventory planning, replenishment and forecasting become major challenges as they try to navigate an increasingly complex marketplace, where demand is constantly fluctuating, the number of SKUs is growing at an exponential rate and manufacturing lead times can vary significantly from product to product.

Moreover, a reactive approach invariably leads to supply and demand imbalances. Companies end up with excess inventory or slow turnover due to heightened output on items that were in high demand – but no longer are. This also results in hefty carrying costs ultimately leading to product markdowns. On the other hand, they may under-project demand and fail to deliver adequate replenishment on popular products, resulting in out-of-stocks and therefore lost sales.

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