Robotic Automation: The Solution to the Changing e-Commerce Market

Industry TodayClients in the News: Online shopping, better known as e-commerce, has made a major impact on the distribution process over the last several years. The market has evolved into a multi-channel environment with many “end customers” needing to be serviced. The end customer could now be a regional distribution center wanting full pallet loads of one stock keeping unit (SKU) or multi-layer SKUs, a retail store requesting single cases, or a customer ordering an individual product directly. Managing a multi-channel distribution center becomes very challenging without the use of automated systems and sophisticated software. One source projects the growing e-commerce market to become a $491 billion dollar plus revenue generator in the United States by 2018, while others venture to say it will be even higher. Turning to automation for order fulfillment combats the uncertainty and allows flexibility for future growth while allowing retailers to capture revenue and market share. Read more: