Safety matters: the ergonomic benefits of automation

Cimcorp in the News: Most conventional warehouses require workers to manually lift, carry and lower often-heavy containers of goods. The repetitive twisting, turning and reaching actions put warehouse staff at constant risk of injury, as well as potential long-term damages from years of prolonged physical stress. Such continued strain on muscles, tendons, joints and nerves can lead to chronic conditions, including Repetitive Stress Injuries, Repetitive Motion Injuries, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Cumulative Trauma Disorders and Cumulative Trauma Injuries.

While warehouse managers can take precaution by training workers on proper lifting techniques and posture, instruction cannot fully eliminate the impact of physical labor on the human body. The International Labour Organization reports that an estimated 340 million occupational accidents happen
around the world each year, with an additional 160 million workers experiencing work-related illnesses.
Additionally, studies show that the number of injury cases in warehousing continues to be significantly
higher than other industries.

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