Software: Head in the Cloud

Clients in the News: Understanding “the cloud” is no easy task, because while it is a technological term, it is also a philosophical idea. “The cloud” is a nebulous term that most laypeople use to describe “the place where all our information is stored.” That means photos, music, online documents and perhaps private messages and emails (although we try hard not to think about our private information being stored somewhere that isn’t in our direct control). The cloud often is referred to as one omnipresent entity. There is confusion about how to manage what is sent to this mysterious cloud and how to prevent nefarious types from accessing our private files for less than savory purposes. Those more in the know talk about the cloud as a metaphor—yes, even the information-savvy acknowledge that the concept is fluid and intangible—for a specific group of hardware, software, remote servers and other components that work together to allow centralized data storage and online access to computer services, resources or information. Read more: