The Essential Pillars of Quality Intelligence: Go From Data to Insight

InfinityQS in the News: Today’s manufacturers have more quality data at their fingertips than ever before. From digital weight scales and gauges, to the latest sensors through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), companies can use these tools to collect extensive amounts of data about their production processes—across multiple lines and sites, around the clock. When the data are available in real time to plant-floor operators and quality professionals, it is possible to spot manufacturing issues before they compound, make timely corrections, and thereafter determine where to focus process improvement efforts at the plant and enterprise levels.

Real-time quality data helped one global elevator manufacturer quickly spot inconsistencies in its elevator wall panel machining process. Previously, out-of-spec wall panels would cause construction delays, costing significant time and money. But with improved insight into factory operations, its quality teams could take immediate corrective action on problems in production, ensuring non-conforming materials never reach job sites. By continuing to track quality and process information, the company was also able to realize a 40 to 60 percent savings in manufacturing time, streamline auditing, and cut analysis time from weeks down to a few minutes.

To effectively sift through the amount of data coming from the modern plant floor and find real, valuable quality intelligence, however, there are essential pillars that manufacturers first need to have in place: standardization, centralized data, and prioritization.

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