The Need for Speed in the Age Of eCommerce

Cimcorp in the news: In an article for Workplace Material Handling and Safety, Cimcorp director of sales, Derek Rickard, details the importance of speed and efficiency in the expanding e-commerce industry.

When Amazon burst onto the scene around 25 years ago, few could envision how the then-novel idea of online shopping would radically transform consumer habits and expectations. Today, eCommerce continues to thrive on the convenience it offers to consumers, who now enjoy a virtually limitless number of product choices. From clothing to groceries, they can now order anything they want and need—and have it delivered right to their door in 24-48 hours.

In this new age of eCommerce, brands, retailers and manufacturers are thus under increasing pressure. Firstly, there’s the pressure to offer a greater variety of products. Second is the need to shorten the time it takes to fulfill orders—whether are shipping to stores or direct to consumers. Many companies have started to re-evaluate the capabilities of their logistics operations to keep up with heightened demands.

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