Three Steps to Overcoming Data Noise in Food Production

InfinityQS in the News: At one time, food and beverage manufacturers could only rely on paper and pencil for quality data collection. Plant staff spent their shifts furiously scribbling down measurements coming off production lines. Unfortunately, they could not capture every possible measurement that would lend itself to process control or quality improvement. But now, with the rise of automation, Big Data, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), it is easier than ever for food producers to collect comprehensive data about their production processes.

Whereas many manufacturers were once starved for data, a new challenge has emerged: they now have too much data on their hands. At the same time, these companies are managing increasingly complex supply chains—with multiple plants and suppliers located across regions and even around the world. The sheer volume of data coming from these sites can be overwhelming for any quality professional. Many are left unsure about how to sift through the noise of data to uncover actionable intelligence that can benefit individual plants or the entire enterprise.

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