Turn dairy production data into quality intelligence

Dairy FoodsInfinityQS in the News: Thanks to modern automated data collection, dairy producers can now capture and store data around the clock for comprehensive metrics on their manufacturing activities. This is in stark contrast to the days when paper-based, manual data collection was the only option, which left most companies with only a small snapshot of process and product quality. But the ease of data collection has created a new problem for data-hungry dairy producers: They now have too much data on their hands.

The truth is that having data, simply for the sake of having it, doesn’t benefit quality improvement efforts. What manufacturers need is real-time process control and data interrogation.

This starts at the individual plant level, enabling organizations to preemptively catch quality issues. It would be an impossible task to react to everything, so operators and quality professionals can get proactive and perform statistical analyses to find opportunities for improvement. Then when data from multiple sites are rolled up to the enterprise level, executives can get a big picture view of their manufacturing operations and enact wide-scale transformations.

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