Voices The Tech Take: The cloud still beckons

accounting today
Clients in the News: The more tech-savvy corners of the accounting world are constantly abuzz with talk of the next biggest solution that will change the profession. Over the past decade, the excitement has been the cloud; today, machine learning, artificial intelligence and even robots have piqued the industry’s interest. But the reality is that in a nation where 40 percent of the rural population and a tenth of the whole population does not have access to broadband Internet, the cloud is a revolution still in the making.
The wide availability of web development tools today has enabled cloud software companies to evangelize the idea that if you’re not in the cloud, you should be — now. And it’s true that using online software platforms exclusively has its benefits, like mobility, security and cost savings. But moving to the cloud is not as easy as dumping the old software and selecting a shiny new one.
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