Westfalia helps dairy distribution center enter the 21st century

Dairy Foods
Clients in the News: Since 1894, family founded and owned Hershey Creamery Co. (Hershey) has specialized in bulk ice cream novelties. The company distributes to more than 30,000 retail, educational and healthcare accounts such as grocery and convenience stores, but focuses mainly on direct-store delivery.
In 1997, in order to optimize material flow, reduce logistics costs and labor requirements, Hershey Creamery asked Westfalia Technologies Inc. to design and build a warehousing system for its new ice cream distribution center located in Middletown, PA. Westfalia designed and built a 10,000-pallet position, eight-storage-level automated warehouse system incorporating pick tunnel operations.
The two-aisle system has a combination of seven- and five-deep storage lanes. Each aisle contains one storage and retrieval machine (S/RM) capable of handling approximately 70 pallets per hour. At the time, Westfalia’s warehouse management software (WMS) was installed.
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