Why SQF Certification and SPC Matter in Contract Food Manufacturing

InfinityQS in the News:

Steve Wise, Vice President of Statistical Methods, shares how SQF certification helps contract manufacturers increase demand for their services and gain more business from purveyors.

Contract manufacturers play one of the most critical roles in the food and beverage supply chain. Often, well-known food and beverage companies will rely on contract facilities to manufacture their products, which then go on to store shelves. Thus, by contracting, these purveyors entrust their brand and reputation to suppliers with the expectation that they will deliver a safe and high-quality product — one they can reliably put their name on.

With well-established brands on the line, food and beverage companies must be selective when choosing a contract manufacturer. One way of qualifying potential suppliers is seeing if they hold certifications from a third-party organization with food safety guidelines and quality standards, such as the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI). In fact, SQF certification through SQFI is widely recognized by retailers, brand owners and food service providers around the world, with one in four companies citing it as a requirement for suppliers.


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