DPR Group Helps Launch and Promote Linortek’s Innovative Controllers for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Frederick, Md.—October 08, 2019—DPR Group, Inc., a full-service public relations and marketing agency serving a broad range of high-tech companies, announces that it is overseeing the public relations (PR) and marketing strategies for Linor Technology’s (Linortek) product launches and promotions. Linortek specializes in the design and manufacture of controllers for the Internet of Things (IoT), a market involved in connecting all kinds of machinery and equipment to the Internet.

The controllers are designed to provide control, monitoring, preventive maintenance and system alerts for the new generation of IoT’s for industrial, manufacturing and educational organizations as well for emerging markets such as aquaculture.

By working in collaboration with Linortek’s executives, DPR Group has devised a PR and marketing strategy designed to achieve the following goals:

    • Build greater brand awareness for Linortek’s products in the appropriate target audiences.
    • Highlight Linortek’s executives as thought leaders in the creation of custom designed, reliable IoT products for business and industry.
    • Position Linortek’s products as a more cost-effective, reliable alternative to some of the other established products in the marketplace.
    • Showcase Linortek’s IoT controllers and products to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and to potential reseller partners throughout North America.

To date, DPR Group has secured significant media coverage for Linortek in a variety of relevant publications including: Aviation Pros, Construction Dive, Crane & Hoist Canada, DC Velocity, Design World, Facility Executive Magazine, Manufacturing Automation, Material Handling Wholesaler and IoT Innovator – to name a few!

In addition, DPR Group has also helped prepare Linortek executives for briefings with industry analysts, which has helped kick-start the process of building awareness about the company’s products throughout the analyst community.

Liyu Nalven, Vice President of Linortek said, “We made the decision to partner with DPR Group because of the company’s proven track record of securing greater market visibility for their various high-tech clients. In addition, the DPR Group team is flexible enough to adapt their ongoing strategies and programs to help us meet our evolving needs and goals. It is a pleasure to work with professionals who understand our technology and share our enthusiasm for growth!”

During the initial start-up phase, DPR Group has worked primarily to promote the following two products from Linortek’s product line, although they are currently preparing to promote some of the company’s newly developed products.

The IoTMeter™ – Equipment Hour Meter:  a self-contained, network-enabled, custom-developed device that is used on all types of equipment, especially mobile equipment such as forklifts, cranes, ground support vehicles and golf carts to collect run-time data for preventive maintenance.
The Netbell® – Timed Alert System:  a one-stop solution for schools and factories to build and customize an automatic bell system used to signal class changes, shift rotations, lunch or dinner breaks, or any other timed signal need. Pictured is the Netbell® NTG Tone & Message Generator with Controller.

Dan Demaree, CEO of DPR Group said, “Linortek has a huge growth opportunity because the IoTMeter is designed to collect all types of data from industrial vehicles and powered machinery and then transmit that data back to company. The fact that CEO Gary Nalven has designed a number of other highly successful products for major companies before starting Linortek, bodes well for the future of the company.”

For more information on Linortek’s products or to inquire about their reseller program, please go to: www.linortek.com.