Breaking Down What’s Now “Breaking” News: 5 Must Follow Twitter Feeds

By DPR Group

More than ever, there is a sense of immediacy in news gathering. Social media sites, such as Twitter, serve as a digital news platform giving a new meaning to “breaking” news. With everyone constantly connected through smartphones and tablets, following the right sources on Twitter is vital for those who wish to have a finger on the pulse of developing stories.

Twitter is often viewed as a first source for many with breaking stories. Twitter broke captivating stories such as the Hudson River plane crash, the Royal Wedding announcement, Whitney Houston’s death, and the raid and death of Osama bin Laden. (Source: Infographic: 8 news stories that broke on social media by Michael Sebastian; HR Communication)

Here are 5 top Twitter feeds for the need-to-know news connoisseur to follow.

  1. @cnnbrk – CNN Breaking News – 8.5 million followers
    A long-standing resource of news, CNN has moved into the digital age with a whopping 8.5 million followers. No longer just dry reports framed by a news ticker, the CNN Breaking News feed covers a wide area of topics.
  2. @nytimes – The New York Times – 5.9 million followers
    Moving print to the digital age – the New York Times is often a first source of news for many. This is evident by its large following.  Many other Twitter news feeds use information from the New York Times as a source for their stories.
  3. @google – A Googler – 5.1 million followers
    Let’s be honest, we Google everything – so why wouldn’t we want to know what they have to say on Twitter? Serving us all news about Google developments and trends, 5.1 million followers can’t be wrong.
  4. @eonline – E! Online – 4.8 million followers
    Yes, celebrity news is still news! E! Online may serve as a gossip source, but it can also be a first source for celebrity developments providing exclusive interviews, photos and quotes.
  5. @BreakingNews – – 4.5 million followers makes finding news easy. The Twitter feeds filter stories from larger news sources, such as the previously mentioned @ccnbrk and @nytimes, and collects all stories in one place.

Twitter can be a wonderful source of the news, but a word of caution—the quickness of social media does not ensure its accurateness. However, millions still look to their Twitter feeds for up-to-the-second developments of breaking news, and won’t be stopping any time soon.

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